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I was driving through the Guatemalan countryside with my brother, Jonnie and we were catching up on all sorts. He was really excited cause one of his best friends from Uni, who I know really well had met a lovely lady called Sarah. Jonnie told me to keep it on the down low and just let things unravel (obviously I wasn’t going to shout it from the rooftops) but soon after it was official and public, I just had this feeling Sarah was going to stick around. Two years later their engaged and I’m taking photos on their wedding day! Dan is such a fun, cheeky, quirky and great guy and I always hoped he would meet his match. 

The day before the wedding I drove up to Preston and met Dan, Sarah and the bridal party at a pub for dinner. There were smiles all round and everyone seemed relaxed and excited for the big day. On morning I arrived at Sarah's just as they were finishing up some pancakes and bacon and popped a bottle of bubbly! The girls made their way upstairs to start their hair and makeup and I took some photos of the brides dress and accessories in the huge living room window of the vicarage. It was such a calm atmosphere - accept for when people arrived in the car park below which was right next to the church, all the girls would run to the window and see who it was.

I left the girls for 30 minutes and popped over to the grooms house. Classic boys they were all sat round in their slacks enjoying the morning. My brother had cooked a huge fry up and they all had food babies before the day had already began! I think in total it took them all 15 minutes to get ready, have a glass of presseco or two out of mugs from the kitchen and pack up the cars. 

Back to the girls house Sarah was ready to get into her dress. Her sister who lives in Australia and Dad hadn't seen the dress and the reveal was the most emotional one I have ever photographed. I think one of my favourite photos from this wedding season was captured during this moment as the Father of the bride gave Sarah a hug and I captured the glint in his eye. They say you can read someone by looking into their eyes and I saw all sorts of emotions in his, a proud father, loving, kind, generous and excited to see his daughter say yes to her love.

The service was really special as Dan and Sarah are practicing Christians so you could see and feel the personal touches they had put into the service from the songs, words and prayers spoken, it was stunning. We left the church covered in confetti and drove up the road for the bride and groom photoshoot in a Preston Park with beautiful iron gates and a long path coated with trees. The light today was on point with perfect diffusion and no harsh highlights and shadows so these photos have such a rich finish to them. Once we finished we jumped back in the car and wand our way through the countryside to a village hall on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales.

After the guests filled their bellies from an extravagant spread of tea and cake, listened to the speeches and watched Dan and Sarah cut their cheese cake tower (which was very impressive) the band started to play and the dancing began. I was watching the clock ready to sneak Dan and Sarah away for a quick golden hour photoshoot and we grabbed a few minutes on the field outside. The day finished up with a retro pizza van pulling up outside and serving some yummy pizza. I grabbed myself a few slices of gluten free pizza, said my goodbyes and wand my way back to my hotel room!

Todays wedding was so special and the light, location and wedding party were so simply understated with personal and delicate touches, nothing was over the top and Dan and Sarah made the day so special for everyone. Congratulations Dan and Sarah, thank-you for asking me to be your wedding photographer, I wish you all the best.

Dress - tbc

Make Up - tbc

Hair - Sarah's sister and bridesmaid

Styling - Homemade

Church - St Andrews, Preston

Reception - Chipping Village Hall

Food - The Wood Fired Pizza Kitchen

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