Rhys & Fridah

Everything about Rhys and Frida’s wedding day from Stout Hall Manor house to the ethereal flowers, bohemian styling and their tipi dance floor was infused with their personalities. It was such a privilege to witness their assured sense of belonging to one another, a fixed purpose for their relationship and a passion for political change. The strength and beliefs these two hold is one I honour and look up to, their eyes are fixed on God and not themselves which is rare to come across in todays society. Rhys and Friday so confidently know where their security lays, in one direction and nothing is going to sway them from that - I call these two the power couple of 2019!


The women in Fridah’s family held a Kenyan leaving ceremony for her starting at her front door when she left for the church. The woman laid colourfully throws on the ground and sung her all the way up the street to her wedding car. It was an amazing experience to photograph, very passionate and moving. I love that my job exposes me to different family traditions and cultures, its so interesting.


During the ceremony the music was spirit-filled, the worship was powerful and I couldn’t help but feel connected. I absolutely loved the soft florals and palm leafs that dressed the church and brought a tropical feel to service. When the ceremony finished tea and cake was served and then I snuck Rhys and Fridah off for their photoshoot, before we headed to Stout Halll for the wedding breakfast. The week before I visited the photoshoot location to find horses roaming freely, colourful wild flowers and bunches of ferns surrounding a lake - it was INCREDIBLE and I absolutely adore the photographs we captured on our adventure together

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