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Cotswold engagement photoshoot at Chesterton Windmill

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

I was driving through the Guatemalan countryside with my brother and we were catching up on all sorts. He was really excited cause one of his close friends from Uni, who I know really well had met a lovely lady called Sarah. Jonnie told me to keep it on the down low and just let things unravel (obviously I wasn’t going to shout it from the rooftops) but soon after it was official and public, I just had this feeling Sarah was going to stick around. Two years later their engaged and I’m shooting with the two of them!!! Dan is such a fun, cheeky, quirky and great guy and I always hoped he would meet his match.

After a few emails back and forth and some fashion advice (for Dan) and location scouting I found the perfect location for Dan and Sarah’s couples photoshoot. It had rained all week and I was praying golden hour would come through and just give us some beautiful light for a couple of hours - and the sun came through! Phewwww. I made my way over to Chesterton Windmill early to work out some angles for the shoot, but generally I just like to arrive before the couple do and be there ready to greet them with a smile.

Finally I got to meet Sarah (Dan your punching), she is awesome. I didn’t want to just dive straight into the shoot, especially as this was the first time meeting Sarah face to face so we all sat down on the grass and I asked the two of them how they met and their engagement story. It is so important to me to connect with the couple before the shoot, as pointing a camera in someones face for some can be quite daunting. I want my couples to feel at ease and enjoy every moment of the photoshoot and that starts with just hanging out.

The sun was just at the right height so we got up and made our way up the hill towards the windmill. Now my style is not, walk over there, stand and look good, it goes something more like this. Hold her, tickle him, say something cheeky or run away from him, rough up her hair, practice your first dance, walk drunk, grab his hair, have a chat, t