A relaxed wedding at Silchester House, Reading

Updated: Feb 19

I was so happy when Ben and Laura asked me to take photos on their wedding day as I witnessed them getting together about 10 years ago when we were all at school together. I think I always new they were in it for the long haul, we all did. It was so special to capture the memories of their wedding day and celebrate with all their family and friends, some of whom I haven't seen for a long time.

The day started at 'The Cottages' where the bride and her bridesmaids were getting ready. The atmosphere was calm and amazingly the girls were slightly ahead of schedule. Their hair and makeup was all done and all they had to do was jump in the car with their dresses and make their way to Silchester House to finish getting ready.

I arrived ahead of the girls at Silchester House, where Ben was with his family and groomsmen putting the final touches to the reception venue. With a quick 10 minute turn around Ben was ready and made his way to the pub with the boys, whilst the girls slipped their dresses and applied the finishing touches with beautiful bouquets and a flip of lipstick.

Whilst the girls were having the last few sips of champagne I jumped in my car ahead and made my way to the church, shortly after my arrival Laura and the bridesmaids arrived and the ceremony began.

Ben and Laura tied the knot, songs were sung rather loudly in particularly by the school lot, a funny poem about a dinosaur was read by Ben's father and a fist pump from Ben when he left the church put everyone in the mood to party.

Before the reception began myself, Ben and Laura had a quite moment away from the wedding party, where went for a little walk in the grounds of Silchester house.

Then the groomsmen chucked the groom in the air, the girls had a giggle and the reception was in full swing.

The weather leading up to the wedding was not looking good, we all had hoped the sun would make an appearance and thankfully it wasn't until the wedding party went into the marquee in the evening evening that the rain came down.

Champagne flowed, cheeky speeches were made and the the Bride and Groom kicked the night off with their first dance and the evening celebrations began.

Thanks again to Ben and Laura for having me take photos on your wedding day, I wish you all the best.

If you would like me to take photos at your wedding please contact me beckywelford@gmail.com

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