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Our community has remained strong and incredibly supportive - #WhatAboutWeddings

On what is usually the busiest weekend in the wedding industry calendar, the #WhatAboutWeddings 'Just One Day' campaign push, has resulted in some fantastic media coverage. 70% of weddings usually happen during what has now been ‘lockdown’ in 2020 and our industry has taken quite a big kick in the teeth. However, our community has remained strong and incredibly supportive of one another throughout.

I firstly want to thank all my couples who have worked together with me to reschedule your wedding date and stick with my services, I appreciate your kindness and understanding more than you know.

To my couples, It has honestly meant SO much to me to have such loyal clients like yourselves who have been so understanding, supportive, and who genuinely consider me in your plans. Now more than ever it will be such a privilege to share your day with you and capture your wedding, thank-you for choosing me to be your photographer.

To all my fellow togs and wedding suppliers, you have been such an encouragement and source of support during this time, thank-you SO much it means the world. It has not been easy for any of us but I truly believe there is good that will come out of this, for all of us.

What is coming out of this season is a stronger sense of community in our industry.

We have compared ourselves to one another for too long but throughout this season we haven't stayed silent or battled this alone. I have experienced a coming together, a championing of one another, and a fight for our industry in probably one of the toughest times we will ever experience.

Thank you to everyone else, for liking, commenting, and sending messages during this time. I have felt so supported. Even those of you who have just dropped a few lines, it has given me such a boost. I don’t feel down, I feel grateful and my heart is full. Many in the Wedding industry have had the opportunity to reset and overcome a massive shift and the public have not stayed silent, but come alongside us with love, compassion and much needed support.

We have a long way to go, my eyes are fixed on what's ahead and not what is behind me.

If you're reading this and have a discontent or impatience over what has happened, (and is still happening) please reflect on this... We’re alive, we have life and breath in our lungs which for some has been taken from them too soon. We have a choice to acknowledge the opportunity we have been gifted to live through Covid-19, for many they had no choice. Let's not let this defeat us but instead, let's rise up and choose to overcome this battle together.

Community matters and moving forward it will matter more than ever before.

The shift has happened and change will continue, but love lives on and I can't wait to continue capturing proposals, engagement celebrations, and weddings. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions and for those of you looking to book me in 2021 please get in touch asap! My diary is very full. 2022 is filling up too.

I want to leave you with one last thought, that we all must remember. No matter what is ahead of us one thing will remain, Love conquerors all.

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