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Safrina + Nate

Who said you can't take pretty photos in your local field? We went for a walk with their dog and I captured some magical photos of them literally just having fun together. I'm currently persuading them to move to South Wales as they are big adventurers and love to explore. THEY’RE ENGAGED!!! A few months ago Nate messaged me and said he was going to propose to Safrina - literally one of my best friends!! You would not believe how HAPPY I was when he told me! Safrina hasn’t had a clue that I’ve known all this time and that we’ve had secret phone calls and lots of messages with each other. Right down to the day he was picking the ring up and when he was proposing - I’ve know all this time! HA the secrets out! All those times I reassured Saf saying 'I’m sure it will be soon...' well I knew it was coming!! And now it’s OFFICIAL and you can finally start planning the wedding of your dreams my love ❤️ I honestly couldn’t be happier Nate, that it’s YOU who will be her husband! This girl means the world to me and I know you’ve made her the happiest girl in the world!! Bring on the WEDDING!

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