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Ben & Carys

I met these two beautiful people in a cafe by the beach in Swansea and we did not stop talking - my husband Sam joined me too and the alignment of all our hearts and things we had in common was unreal. I knew from that meeting that photographing Carys and Bens wedding day was going to be really special and a lot of fun. The day arrived and I literally wand my way through the tiny and very VERY narrow welsh lanes to Cary’s house to be greeted literally by music on full whack, the girls literally singing their hearts out, taking pauses from their make-up to dance and basically having a full-on party - this was by far the most wild and MOST fun I have EVER had photographing the getting ready photos with the bride and her bridesmaids. These girls were SO sooo happy and just so welcoming to me to - I loved every second.


BUT…we had a wedding to get to…so after an emotional first look from Dad the girls all prayed over Carys (which was so moving) and we made our way to the church. Now not to call a guy out when he drops a few tears but OH MY, Ben you love that Carys don’t you? Like ALOT! I have to say It shows huge strength and real passion and deep love when the grooms cries as his wife to be walks down the aisle to him - my husband cried but it was probably my favourite part of the day caused it was such a HUGE profession of love and welcoming into his heart for the rest of our lives. My gosh I was in tears to. Carys and Ben’s ceremony was so full of their love for one another, their faith and the support from the abundance of family and friends that attended was like nothing I’ve ever seen. These two are REALLY love each other. And they really loved the Lord too. What an incredible ceremony to photograph and be a witness to. Just wow!


Before I finish and let you see the photos I want to give a shout out to the AMAZING bridesmaids. Like WOW these girls love well to. All I have to say on this is - Surround yourself with your girl tribe on your wedding day who will literally dance around you with their bouquets in the air and make you proper laugh deep down in your soul. These girls were so much fun and the bond between all of them was really beautiful to be a part of and capture. From dancing and getting ready together, dropping a few happy tears as Carys and Ben said I do and going crazy on the dance floor together. I was incredibly special to be a part of it and photograph these girls throughout the day. I could really tell their friendship with Carys was full of love and true girl power.

All I have left to say was golden hour (sunset) was so SO beautiful and I just can’t get over how hilarious these two are. Just always laughing, having fun, being funny - just awesome. The adoration, love and passion they poured out over each other and their friends and family throughout their day from start to finish was simply electric.

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