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3 Cliffs Bay Proposal

Myself, Nathan and my husband Sam had been planning and scheming on how to get Ellie to the 3 Cliffs Bay in the Gower for a couple of months running up to the proposal. We started planting the seed that I needed a model for a photoshoot I was doing with a brand. I created fake emails and a shot list to help convince Ellie that this was an official job with a company I was working with.


On the morning of the proposal I drove to Nathan's to pick Ellie up. I helped her put together an outfit suitable for this 'fake photoshoot' and even made her bring some sports wear to put her off the scent. The weather had been awful that week so I said to Ellie the location for the 'fake photoshoot' would be at the covered botanical gardens just past the Gower. Ellie wasn't so familiar with the roads so it wasn't until she started to see more and more signs to the 3 Cliffs, that she realised we were somewhere different to where she expected.


Ellie's dream since she was a little girl was that she would be proposed to overlooking the 3 Cliffs Bay and her dream came true. We arrived at the 3 Cliffs and she ran towards Nathan, he got down on one knee and of course she said 'yes'

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