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Golden hour guide

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

The golden hour is the period during the day shortly after sunrise or before sunset. The colours, tones and light during golden hour are undeniably the best time of day to take photographs. Ask any photographer their thoughts on golden hour and they will just melt before your eyes. I’m obsessed with this time of day because it’s the golden ticket to those extra special creamy soft and colourful images. Honestly I can’t explain the difference a sunset or sunrise will make to your photographs. At certain times of year the early starts are totally worth it but if your a night owl lets book your photoshoot to fit in with sunset. If it’s your wedding day, during our consultation we can discuss how to make the most out of golden hour and fit it into your timeline if you wish.

NO. 1 January & February On your wedding day please consider the time of your reception to make the most of the light. If you need help with your timeline I’m happy to help. January ‑ 0815‑0915 // 1520‑1620 The days are short crispy and cold but we can always light a fire and toast some marshmallows to keep you warm during your engagement photoshoot. February ‑ 0720‑0820 // 1620‑1720 If your ready to wrap up and have a cosy winter photoshoot this is your month! I love it when the frost sparklers all around.

NO. 2 March & April Between your wedding meal and speech’s is the perfect time to get some fresh air and capture you both together before the light disappears. 10/15 minutes is all we need and we can find time for group shots before dinner. March ‑ 0620‑0720 // 1710‑1810 The clocks have finally changed and we start to see the longer days. Flights are cheap at this time of year, so if your planning a weekend break I could always hop on a plane with you and go on an adventure for your engagement photoshoot. April ‑ 0615‑0715 // 1900‑2000 Spring is approaching and the colours are blooming, I LOVE this month. My wedding was in April.

NO. 3 May & June On your wedding day a evening photoshoot is so dreamy at this time of year. Drinks are flowing and can make for some fun colourful photographs outside. May ‑ 0520‑0620 // 1950‑2050 The most colourful month of the year. I would love to have all my photoshoots this month. June ‑ 0450‑0550 // 2020‑2120 I love an engagement shoot when the evenings are warm. We could even find some water to splash around in if your feeling adventurous?

NO. 4 July & August This can be the hottest time of year so during these months I sometimes move group photos to after dinner as the light is dreamy and the sun isn’t so harsh and hot. July ‑ 0510‑0610 // 2030‑2130 The middle of summer and the days are SO long. It blows my mind when there’s still a little bit of light at 2130. August ‑ 0555‑0655 // 1930‑2030 If you want that feel good summer feeling bursting out of your photos, this is your month.

NO. 5 September & October After dinner let’s jump outside for some fresh air and capture some photos before the speeches? Sparklers are fun during these months. I always recommend lighting them before it’s pitch black outside during golden hour as this makes for the perfect photos. September ‑ 0645‑0745 // 1820‑1920 The weather is generally perfect at this time of year. With golden hour being later in the day, we aren’t just restricted to weekend photoshoots. < CLOCKS CHANGE > October ‑ 0735‑0835 // 1810‑1910 The evenings are much shorter at this time of year as the clocks change have changed. The autumn colours are starting to appear and the tone of light brings something special during this season to your photographs.

NO. 6 November & December November ‑ 0630‑0830 // 1515‑1615 It always baffles me how short the days are at this time of year, the autumnal colours certainly make up for it. A leaf fight is a must! December ‑ 0810‑0910 // 1450‑1550 At this time of year the light is short but you can always capture that crisp festive feeling. It will also be the only month you will have Christmas lights in your photographs.

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