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Oxfordshire countryside wedding at Notley Tythe Barn

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

We all hope and pray that the rain will stay away on our wedding day and the sun will shine. Alice and Sam couldn't have asked for better weather for their wedding day, on what was one of the hottest days of 2019. I pulled up outside Alice's parents house bright and early, there wasn't a cloud in the sky and I had a few moments before the day began to soak up some vitamin D before the group of girls returned from the hairdressers. Alice's dog greeted me at the garden gate and her father was mowing the lawn, I wondered inside and was greeted by everyone inside. Make-up and hair started and once the girls were ready we took a few photos by the apple trees in the garden. Alice then jumped in her VW campervan and we wound our way through the Oxfordshire countryside to Notley Tythe Barn.

These two hardly needed prompting with poses all day, they were so natural and real with each other and were just up for anything. After the outdoor ceremony in the blazzing sun, everyone grabbed a drink and then I snuck Alice and Sam away for some photos of just the two of them.

I left them to wander up the lane and they danced around the barley field and I clicked away, it was so lovely to see how genuinely in love they were and comfortable with each other. They both have such gentle souls and really showed a deep love and care for one another, which really reflects in the photographs. This also reflected in how they treated me to, I felt so welcomed by them - Alice and Sam were just so kind to me, I really appreciated that in them as I found friends in them by the end of the day which makes the day all the more special.

After the food and speeches that filled the barn with barrels of laughter everyone filed outside to enjoy the warm summers evening, the guests relaxed on the lawn, drinks were flowing and everyone was in good spirits. The evening drew to a close and as I drove up the drive at the end of the day the chatter and music faded into the distance, I had a huge smile on my face as I knew the photographs I had captured were something really special because the entire day was full of love, smiles and rich moments together in the Oxfordshire countryside.

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